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  February 11 2016

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January 31, 2016 - Bristol : CVS 400 Metacom Ave

The Bristol Police Department is attempting to identify a male suspect involved in a simple assault that took place inside CVS, 400 Metacom Ave., Bristol, RI.

On Sunday, 1/31/2016 at about 6:30 PM, a white male suspect entered CVS and was observed walking down the cosmetic aisle toward a young woman. The suspect approached the female victim and grabbed her buttocks very firmly and continued walking. The victim was immediatley startled and reacted by saying "excuse me".  The suspect then continued walking and left the store.

The suspect is described as having long, dark hair parted in the middle and facial hair.  He was wearing baggy pants, a light colored sweatshirt with the letters "RWU" (Roger Williams University) on the front.  It is unknown if the suspect was on foot or entered a vehicle when leaving the store.

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